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Spring Clean Ups

We start with a dethatcher rake to loosen embedded leaves and pick up any dead grass along with blowing out landscaping gutters sidewalks and window wells. We then have a vacuum attached to our mower that will suck up leaves twigs and grass to make your yard ready for summer. We will also haul away all the leaves and debris from your lawn to have it look imaculate!


We do weekly mowings Monday through Friday. Service includes mowing the grass, trimming around trees, obstacles, curb lines and for the finishing touch we blow hard surfaces and mulch beds of any grass. We use state of the art equipment to give your property the best over all look.

Fall Clean Ups

Power blow & rake leaves and sticks from grass, shrub and rock areas, decks, window wells, walks, corners, etc. Load and haul debris away from your property. Go over lawn with mower for final cutting and leaf pick up. Our fall clean ups begin at the end of October and sometimes into November depending on the weather.

Fertilizing & Weed Control

Our licensed technicians use the safest methods to protect your property, family, pets and environment. Keeping your lawn free of weeds is a vital step in keeping your lawn looking vibrant, healthy and green. Typically done three times per year, no job is too big on fertilizing. The most important part of your lawn care is keeping your grass strong and healthy. We use specially blended fertilizer to meet the needs of your lawn to give it that luscious green color and growth you want and need. We also offer seeding and overseeding.


Have us mulch your landscaping or garden beds to give them a ''finished'' look. Mulching is one of the most cost efficient ways to improve the appearance of your property and landscaped areas.

Tree and Hedge Trimming

Service Landscaping offers trimming and reshaping of shrubs and trees. We blow and rake up debris as well as clean up debris. We will also haul away debris to commercial disposal sites.


We can sod or seed any area. We will haul away any excess grass torn out and install our healthy sod to make your lawn look brand new!


Service Landscaping has the equipment and the knowledge to complete any project. Our employees are well educated in landscape design and use your ideas to make your vision come to reality. We specialize in projects such as planting trees or removing trees. We can also provide grading to any area of your lawn with one of our bobcats. Our landscaping includes patios, retaining walls, installing concrete driveways and walkways, and much more!

Snow Plowing and Removal

Since 1998 Service Landscaping has assisted both residential and commercial properties with their snow plowing needs. We understand how the weather can be a nuisance and our customers turn to us to get the jobs done. We have the equipment and manpower to keep any property free of snow and ice. Whether its a residential home, a parking lot, or any commercial site, we have the experience and equipment to handle it. We run state of the art trucks, bobcats, tractors or any other equipment needed to get the job done.

We can help

Improper design, plant selection and maintenance of our lawns and gardens can negatively affect our environment and waste precious water resources

Selecting appropriate plant varieties and proper maintenance of turf areas can greatly reduce water use and off-target movement.

An area of grass 650 sq. ft. in size can provide the daily oxygen needs for one adult. In the process of gas exchange, lawn grasses absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide from the air each day.

A well cared for lawn can greatly increase home value. This is a well documented observation. A healthy, manicured lawn always adds a sense of increased value to the property.

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Residential and Commercial Lawn Care

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Fertilizing & Weed Control

Spring & Fall Cleanups


Lawn Renovation & Seeding

Mulch, Rock, & Retaining Wall

Snow Plowing and Removal

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